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3 Monkeys (2020)[Telugu – 720p HD AVC – UNTOUCHED – DD 5.1 – 1GB & 1.4GB

Proper HD DVD Download link of 3 Monkeys (Three Monkeys) are being leaked by Tamilrockers user Dazzler today where as the movie was released on 7 February 2020. In this review we are going to explain about the download link posted under the title “3 Monkeys (2020)[Telugu – 720p HD AVC – UNTOUCHED – DD 5.1 – 1GB & 1.4GB – ESubs]”. This download page contains the video file which is of 720p quality a Full HD video, having Dolby Digital Audio quality and 5.1 speaker output for better performance. This video file comes with English Subtitles. The most interesting part is the video is not tampered, it’s untouched.

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Three Monkeys Movie Review

Movie: Three Monkeys / 3 Monkeys
Cast: SudigaliSudheer, Auto Ramprasad, Getup Sreenu, Karunya Chaudhary Director: G. Anil Kumar
Producer: Nagesh. G
Music: G. Anil Kumar
Banner: Orugalla Cine Creations
Zaner: Horror Comedy

Even though ‘Software Sudheer’ is not well-known, Bullittara star Sudhirikali Sudheer has once again emerged as the hero. This time, his Jabardast team Sreenu and Ramprasad are in the cast. Megastar Chiranjeevi appreciates ‘Three Monkeys’ as the trailer looks good and the expectations of the film are high. What’s the plus for the Jabardast Show Popularity movie? This is a team that laughs at belly burns on the silver screen. Let’s see if Sudheer, Getup Srinu and Auto Ramprasad are the heroes.

Story: Santosh (Sudhir) works in the marketing department. He is best friends with Fani (Getup Sreenu) and Anand (Auto Ramprasad). It’s not just for the monkeys that these three do together. Why did SunnyLeon get into this fun-filled life? Who was she? What did these three have to do with her death? Meanwhile, Sudhir is in danger. What did Fani and Anand do to save him? How is the responsibility to save a sin against those in the original implications? How did they save her? That ‘s it!

Analysis: The director attempts to underline the story of the aid or the death of many. The first half of the film seems to be intertwined with three monkeys punches and fun scenes. Their punch bursts don’t bore much. However, by the time the secondhand arrives, the story will turn out spectacularly. The director, who is accused of murdering three friends in a murder case, is not fully successful. After the story went into Crime Zoner, the director eased. When the three of the girl’s murder case gets stuck .. the scenes that follow are not very good. Whatever the expectation of the story, the director’s performance is not enough to make it true.

The first half of the film is a fabulous director with jabardustan punches. The songs are no more remarkable. Both songs seemed to be okay. In the Three Monkeys Riot on Bull Screen .. Emotions are shown a new perspective. Shakalaka Shankar and Karunya Chaudhary are okay. Even a short film .. technically just okay. Shows three comedians on the silver screen simultaneously. However, it must be said that the tale of their talents is not a complete one. It would be nice if the director just believed in comedy.

Plus points: Sudheer, Sreenu, Ramprasad acting comedy timing

Minus Points: Lack of Horror Scenes for fear oflack of novelty

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